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Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online learning resource that makes learning and practicing math fun… and it is free!  It offers instructional videos, lessons, and practice from kindergarten concepts to Calculus.  Adaptive technology identifies a student's individual strengths and learning gaps, and a personalized learning dashboard allows students to practice and learn at their own pace.  Khan Academy is used inside and outside of the classroom, for practice with current units of study, for review of difficult concepts, and for enrichment to whatever level a student is able to progress.

At LRES we encourage students to spend time learning and practicing math with Khan Academy by recognizing students who do this the most!  We call this the Khan Academy Challenge!  Each week one student from each “class”  (K/1, 2/3, and 4/5) will earn Pride Tickets for having earned the most active time and/or the most points among their grade level group for that week (Sunday through Saturday).  This schoolwide challenge is separate and will not interfere with any class challenges or assignments.


To join the LRES Khan Academy Challenge:

  1. Go to and Login (or Sign Up if you are new to Khan Academy).
  2. Once logged in click on “Coaches” (far right of the options on the gray bar across the middle of the screen)
  3. Under “Join a Class,” enter the class code for your grade level:
    1. If you are in Kindergarten or 1st grade: 7CHPJDZA
    2. If you are in 2nd or 3rd grade: KWMQCAXB
    3. If you are in 4th or 5th grade: K5F7M83A
  4. Then get to work (or is it play?) on Khan Academy!